The Alchemists

Alchemy café took over 4 years to build and in that 4 years over 100 people were involved in making this dream a reality.

Many locals and friends from afar, even strangers, who were inspired by the idea, lent their time and energy into creating this beautiful building.

It’s very heart warming to know that so many people were so generous in giving of themselves to help create Alchemy Café and support us in our vision.

Alchemy café was built with our community and what it needs in mind, and without the help, support and physical input of our community Alchemy café would never have come into reality.

We are forever grateful to everyone who came together to make this happen.


Abe Metzenthin, Abbot Maureen, Alain Savard, Alexis Dehan, Alyssa Friesen, Arène Johan, Ben, Deinstadt, Bill Bowie, Byrun Shandler, Carleigh Arnason, Chantal Gagné, Clair Dragoman, Claude, Clive Betts, Cud Eastbound, Damian, Dan Beaulieu, Daniel, Danno, Debi Wickham, Dieter Reinmuth, Elaine and David Rotinsky, Eldo Enns, Erika Marzinotto, Frederi Rouquet, Gaby Sgaga, Gaetan Doyon, Garth and Jareth Hnetka, Gord Macrae, Greg Hakonson, Guy and Theresia Boulais, Hellen Winton, Holly Haustein, Ian Nyland, Jackson Lovet, Jake Baptiste, Jim Bob, Jim Williams, Jimmy Boodie, Joanna Priestley, Jonathan Dowdel, Julie Leclerc, Karine Lachkar, Kirsten and Holly Haustein, Lilo Shober, Luke Holland, Lynn Cazabon, Marco Barcarolo, Matthias O’Donnell, Mattias Lambercy, Michael Schroeder, Molly MacDonald, Nic Ball, Pascal  St Laurent, Paul Derhack, Paul, Priska and Nicolas Wettstein, Pierre Vilain, Puccini, r. Frd.  Ti Michaelis Goetz, r. Frd. Zimmerer Schengber Hendrik, Robin Miller, Roger Michaud, Sam, Sarah Smelie, Seb-le-franco, Shelley Brown, Sophia Ashenhurst, Stephane Bauman, Stephen Johnson, Steve Caram and Tanya Gates, Steve-the-jok Lazlo, Stuart Titus, Suzanne Hale, Sylvain Drouet, Sylvain Lapointe, Sylvain Montreuil, Teresa Conkin, Tiloup, Tim Taylor,      Troy Suzuki, Wendy Craims, Zeke Preston

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