Integral Philosophy


INTEGRAL is the keyword here; we take our sweeeet time to allow for the subtle alchemy of different elements coming together to happen in a harmonious fashion. Alchemy Café offers unique services in a unique way and focuses on the creation of a healthier and tighter community through its products and its programming of events. Alchemy Café not only provides a reliable source of the finest coffee in a stunning venue, but as well, it addresses the need of year round residents to have a meeting place without alcohol. Families find that children too have their dedicated space there. Health aware people as well as the rapidly increasing amount of people with food intolerances, find not only suitable, but also tasty dishes to enjoy. Tourists, business people or even locals looking for a connection to the Internet are able to connect wirelessly in the café. And lastly but not least, anyone can have access to Apple products and service.

Food and Drinks


Much too often, food does not go beyond taste and appearance. As industry progresses and the quests for efficiency and high revenue claim their all powerful place, we forget that food is first about giving our bodies appropriate nutrition and that our human life relies on a healthy environment. We become the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. We are aware that by buying food, we vote for a certain a process, for a way of doing things. At Alchemy Cafe, we have failed to see the interest of earning a few dollars more from goods imported from remote place with damaging industrial practices. We thrive to pay attention to as many aspects of this wheel as possible to make a unique experience, an integral experience where taste matches looks, health and respectful production.

Sometimes we will forget your drink because we get too involved in a world saving conversation. Make sure to always remind us that you want your drink – we will then proceed to fast impeccable manufacture of your favourite drink – because that means the world to us.

Beyond food and drinks

There is always a different kind of menu at the cafe: tables are moved around and room is made to accommodate yoga, moccasin making, chess playing, meditation, acrobatics concerts and more.

We love old books and old wisdom; so much more depth than the ongoing capitalistic mindset; the narcissistic tendency of the post modern worldview overshadows the need for integral thinking in every choice we make in our lives.

This excerpt is taken from the analects from Confucius (you can borrow it from the Café’s library as a graphic novel)

To love Benevolence But
Not to love Learning is to
Slip into Foolishness.

To love Wisdom but not
Love learning is to slip
Into Vagaries.

To love Sincerity but not
Love learning is to
Encounter Harm.

To love forthrightness
But not to love learning is
To become rash.

To love Courage But
Not to love learning
Is to invite disaster.

To love strength
But not to love learning
Is to become Wild.

It seems like everything comes to the one that loves learning. The Café is about learning. The cafe is about joyous adventurous lifelong learning. Come grow with us !

How can one love anything without understanding who he is first?

How can one love anything without understanding it first?

How can one live well if he doesn’t understand the world first?


The Alchemy Team