Alchemy Café Is For Sale

Are you looking to be amidst stunning wilderness and at the centre of a vibrant community and your are passionate about hospitality? This is for you!!


The Alchemy Café was built over the last 8 years and is now a solidly established business in the legendary Northern Canadian town of Dawson City in the Yukon. Dawson City is located in the traditional territory of the Trondeck Gwichin’  first nation at the confluence of the Yukon River  and the Klondike River. Dawson’s location is considered to be healing place for the first nations. In the summer Dawson City’s history attracts tourists from the US, Canada and Europe. The still gold rich ground attracts gold miners. Summers are very busy in Dawson. In the winter, Dawson becomes a small northern town with stunning light during the day and northern lights at night. Even though Dawson is a small isolated community, the cultural life is vibrant. The sense of being connected to the land and the seasons is a wonderful experience brought by living up here. As well, the community is a gem made of caring and active people and there is always something going on culturally.

The building

The cafe is located right next the most photographed buildings in Dawson – the kissing buildings – on a commercial/residential lot of 230 m2. The café lives in a unique building that has been erected using both the most ancient and the most modern building techniques. The whole structure is brand new, designed in coordination with the best architects in Dawson. A lot of attention was given to the look of the cafe, making sure that it fits in with the historic character of the town. The use of recycled tin and the colour scheme were chosen to help achieve the old look of the place. The compelling exterior of the café attracts the visitors from afar. The energy efficient design make it a very easy place to heat in the winter. The family friendly and warm atmosphere and the high quality vegetarian food make it a go-to place for the locals in summer and the winter.The warmth of the structural logs and timber frame, the wood heat in the winter and the care given to the detail make it a unique place. As well, the building includes 2 housing units. An apartment is located above the cafe and a small house sits behind the main structure.

The business

The Café has been built over the last 8 years. Both the infrastructure and the business have been developed. Partnerships have been established, schedules have been put in place, systems have been fine tuned, staffing formulas have been tried out. We are happy to say that the high standards we have set have paid off and the Alchemy Café has now a solid reputation not only in Dawson but in the whole Yukon and beyond. The BnB provides a second stream of income that elegantly complements the income of the café.

Check Trip Advisor and for visitors impressions. The cafe received a score of 4.5 out of 5 on Trip Advisor and the BnB received a score of 9.8 out of 10 on in 2017.

The Alchemy Cafe provides a rewarding lifestyle with a good income and a lot of free time – an amazing deal in short 🙂


The Business and the building are for sale for $675,000. The ideal formula to run the cafe is 2 full time partners with up to 3 staff in the summer. The 2 streams of income make it easy to make a good net income. There is a possibility for the owners to live on site but it is more effective to use the 2 housing units on the lot as BnB in the summer and rental in the Winter. It is likely that the business would be closed for 2 to 3 months in the slowest months to get a well deserved rest.

Reason for sale

Moving to Australia to be closer to family.